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Revenue Assurance through Classification, Valuation and Risk

ValueWebb® is Webb Fontaine’s innovative, integrated Customs classification, valuation, risk management and auditing solution. ValueWebb provides Customs administration’s with the ability to process Customs import documentation prior to cargo arrival, allowing for secured revenue assurance on classification and valuation powered with a comprehensive, real-time updated price database.

ValueWebb state-of-the-art risk engine is combined with key compliance indicators which analyse each step of every individual transaction to assess risks both on the transaction and operators, prior to the cargo arrival in country of destination.

This progressive technology fulfils a number of key World Customs Organisation modernisation objectives such as applying advanced e-technologies to simplify procedures and at same time target both high and low risk transactions at the earliest stage of the import process.

ValueWebb is fully compatible with Webb Fontaine’s Trade Point Manager® Single Window Suite and its open technology allows for integration with any existing Customs clearance system. The outcome is the automation of the entire trade supply chain that provides Customs and other relevant bodies with critical pre/early declaration processing to secure revenue and provide an accurate and balanced measure of facilitation and control.


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