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Real time transparency over customs operations

is a unique tool which interfaces with any existing Customs transaction application and provides Government officials and Customs Management with real time revenue figures, trade statistics, clearance time details, as well as online intelligence records and office productivity information.

GEV also delivers continuous loss of revenue records in addition to accrued fraud amount following physical examinations.

Diagrams and charts can be tailored online to accommodate previous years’ figures or additional comparison schemes.

GEV offers a powerful extraction utility for the rapid generation of Management reports, as well as a set of standard Economic, Trade and Financial reports.

A complete monitoring system

GEV comprises a complete monitoring system which tracks the performance of Customs sites or individual employees focusing particularly on transaction flow or examiners workload. It is also possible to supervise Customs operations through the deployment of IP cameras, reachable within an interactive country map.

In addition, GEV provides online graphical indicators on the proportion of selected entries and evaluates the risk factor associated with each transaction as well as the level of compliance of the corresponding traders.

Using a user friendly GEV interface, Managers can define “on the fly” events which will trigger an alert through SMS or email as soon as the event criteria is met. Events can be as comprehensive as a sudden drop in revenue, a bottleneck within the processing path or a potential collusion between an examiner and a clearing agent.

With the comfort of a touch screen, through Google Earth™ or integrated country maps the user can focus on a region or a specific customs office and, if needed, concentrate on a restricted range of products or customs regimes.

Once the selection is completed, GEV produces real time graphical snapshots on Customs performance and delivers comprehensive e-registers, which are readily printable (PDF, excel) or which interface with existing applications through xml files.

A specific Webb Fontaine Development Unit is constantly ensuring GEV compliance with mobile technology.

In addition GEV delivers statistics for other revenue authorities’ bodies such as VAT and Income taxes and is tuned to Interface with Port authorities’ applications.

Further options of GEV include a device for revenue simulation operating on variations of tax rates as well as a revenue forecast facility based previous years’ models.

GEV is compliant with GPS tracking facilities for cargoes in transit.

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